Do you feel like everyone but you has this whole eating and exercise thing figured out?

Do you want to make changes, but the thought of going on yet another diet makes you want to scream? 

Are you tired of the constant cycle of
yo-yo dieting and binge eating and you're ready to get off for good?


worth it with katy

Small Group Health Coaching

for women with adhd

With Katy's 6-week small group coaching program, you will learn how to ditch the diets for good and embrace true health, while exploring the 6 essential steps to food & body freedom as laid out in Katy's book, Worth It: A Journey to Food and Body Freedom.


What’s included in the program:


  • Six 90-minute group coaching sessions led weekly by Katy via Zoom

  • A digital and audio copy of Katy’s book Worth It: A Journey to Food and Body Freedom

  • Ongoing peer support and feedback between sessions in a private online forum

What you'll get from this program:

  • Explore why you feel out of control around food — and how you can end that for good

  • Learn exactly why diets and restriction are harmful — and what you can do instead

  • Understand how your ADHD impacts your relationship with food and your body

  • Incorporate healthy structures and sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle

  • Learn about the principles of intuitive eating and Health at Every Size®
    — and how to apply them within the framework of ADHD

  • Rediscover a joyful relationship with movement

  • Become a member of a safe and supportive community of brilliant ADHD women just like you!​

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What participants are saying about the program:


"This course changed my life. Within a few weeks, Katy's gentle and authentic guidance enhanced my relationship with food, notions of health, and body image. As a result, my self-concept is transforming for the better and is continuing to lead to revelations across all areas of my life. Thank you, Katy!"


"I am LOVING being a part of this group, and this is helping me so so much!"

"This has been life changing. I have stopped binging and my constant hunger no longer controls my day. My mental health has improved and I am happier than I've been in years."

"My realization that I have ADHD is quite recent, and the insights into how this fits in with my history of yo-yo dieting have been revelatory."

"I am rethinking everything I thought I knew about health and my body."

"Just knowing that there are other people with experiences similar to mine has been really helpful."



"I got much more out of this than I expected. I have been working on intuitive eating for a long time, and wasn't sure how much any one course could help me any more than the work I had already done and was still doing. ... I finally feel like I really understand what it is like to eat with freedom and self-love and self-trust. I am so grateful for Katy and for the opportunity to be part of this course."


"My thinking about health, food, and my body has changed completely."

"I am loving the realness of Katy and all of the other participants!"

"I've been trying to work on intuitive eating for years, and I've made more progress in the past few weeks than ever before."

"I feel like life is brand new again,
like I just discovered a new level of pleasure and satisfaction in food.  I can't say enough how much I appreciate being part of this group."

"This program is so so so good."

Weekly topics include:


  • Week 1: Introduction & Ditch the Diets

  • Week 2: Follow Your Gut

  • Week 3: Redefine Healthy

  • Week 4: Live in the Body You Have

  • Week 5: Exercise Compassion

  • Week 6: Food & body freedom

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Are you ready to ditch dieting

for good and nourish your body from the inside out — all within
a safe and supportive group
of ADHD women?

You are worth it!